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Cyclone collector
Cyclone collector

Cyclone collector, also known as cyclone dust collector, is widely used in various industries for pneumatic conveying and dust removal wind nets as traps. It has the advantages of small size, convenient use, aggregate or high dust collection efficiency. A variety of different specifications can be provided depending on the amount of processing.

Dust removal effect of the cyclone dust collector : Solid particles of ≥10μm can be removed under the design pressure and gas volume. At the operating point, the dust removal power is 99%, and within the range of 5% of the operating conditions, the separation power is 97%. The cyclone dust collector adopts a vertical cylindrical structure, and the inside is divided into a liquid collection zone, a cyclone separation zone, and a clean room zone along the axial direction. The cyclone sub-members are arranged in the circumferential direction and are also fixed by the upper and lower tube plates. The equipment is supported by a skirt, and the head is made of a high-pressure elliptical head.

In the production process of the mill, the main function of the precipitator is to remove the particulate impurities and droplets in the material guessing. As a kind of purifying dust removal equipment, it has been widely used in the grinding profession.

Our factory produces all kinds of accessories for mills all the year round. There are various types of cyclone collectors, which can be purchased according to your needs.

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