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Moving cutter
Moving cutter

The powdered motorized cutter head has the characteristics of high output and fine grain size. After practice testing, it can process milled polyethylene PE, polyvinyl chloride PVC, polystyrene PS, foamed PE, PVC, SBS, EVA, soft PVC, Powder processing of rubber, leather, plant fiber and other materials.

Our factory has been manufacturing plastic grinding machine for many years. For the grinding machine product accessories, we have comprehensively absorbed advanced technology and management methods at home and abroad. We have developed a variety of new high-speed turbo-type and grinding disc type plastic grinding machines, which are plastic products factory. Reduce the cost and save the good equipment for waste accumulation. We are guided by the "quality products and perfect service" for the purpose. The company strives to provide users with a series of plastic grinding machine products, which are sold well all over the country. According to the needs of the majority of users, the new type of cutter head accessories for the new mill has been developed, with high output and high efficiency. Our factory also produces PS mills, etc.

1. Select new tool structure, improve production value and overcome the wear resistance of the tool

2. High output value, fine grinding, energy saving and environmental protection

3. The special cutter head accessories for plastic mills have a wide range of applications, such as PVC, PE, PS, PA, PC, etc.

4. Easy to install and protect, open the door cover to organize

5. The entire plastic grinding process is completely sealed, no dust pollution

6. The powder size is adjustable from 10 to 120 mesh, and the conditioning is convenient.

7. The plastic mill cooling system uses wind and water combined cooling

8. The cutter head is cast with special alloy steel, which has strong wear resistance and high output value of milled powder.

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