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Plastic mill
Plastic mill

LLDPE plastic mill features:

1. LLDPE plastic mill has water-cooled circulation cooling, suitable for the processing of heat-sensitive substances.

2. LLDPE plastic mill uses imported raw material SKD11 as the raw material of the grinding disc. After heat treatment, the wear resistance is good. It can repeatedly grind 500-800 tons of material and is used to continuous operation.

3. LLDPE plastic mill uses energy-saving imported industrial timing belt, small size, compact structure, just open the cover, it can be repaired, fully sealed, no dust overflow.

4. LLDPE plastic mill grinding fineness can be adjusted freely, the operation is simple and convenient, can be precisely adjusted using the feeler gauge and adjusting bolts.

LLDPE plastic mill should pay attention to the following process:

1. Select the appropriate material (2-8mm), feed evenly, can not be overloaded, the point flow meter indicates no more than 55A, remember that metal, stone and other hard materials are mistaken into the mill to avoid damage to the damage chamber.

2. The left and right bearings are supplemented with high temperature and high speed lubricating fluid according to the working condition of the machine, and the bearing lubrication is adhered to.

3. Regularly clean the damage room to extend the service life.

4. The direction of motor rotation must be correct, and the machine can be fed after no-loading

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