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Fully automatic LDPE plastic mill
Fully automatic LDPE plastic mill

The automatic LDPE plastic mill production system can produce various soft and hard PVC, PP and modified PP, ABS, PS, PA, PC and other different molecular structures of plastic and non-plastic (such as paper and wood) at room temperature. Tip, leather, etc.), ground into 20 mesh - 120 mesh powder, especially suitable for plastic raw material modification, color masterbatch filling, coating and other occupations, these powders are also widely used in injection molding, extrusion, coating and rolling Plastic, and fluidized bed sintering, rough and precision textile coatings, carpet back coatings and other processing professions, after many manufacturers feedback information statistics, the data milled by the plastic mill can make the mixing of different materials more ideal. Then the product does not produce bubbles, the surface is smoother, greatly improving the recycling of corners and waste materials, especially the development and utilization of blending modified materials and technologies, is a must-have helper.

The newly developed models add the following features:

1. The new grinding disc design has high output value, strong wear resistance and twice the life span of the general grinding disc.

2. Using the newly designed special bearing, it achieves high speed and only uses one drive motor to ensure efficient impact grinding, which greatly saves the mechanical operation time and the engineering control.

3. The device is easy to maintain and can be finished by opening the door.

4. The grinding process is completely sealed and there is no dust leakage.

5. Fully automated, automatic feeding, discharging and sorting.

6.10-120 mesh is adjustable, the adjustment of grinding gap is simple, just use the feeler gauge and adjusting bolt to adjust accurately.

7. The main engine cooling system adopts a double cooling system of wind and water.

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