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PS plastic mill
PS plastic mill

PS plastic mill features and functions:

This machine is mainly used in the plastics and chemical industry. It has high output and fine grain size. It can process milled PVC, polyethylene PE, foamed PE, PVC, SBS, EVA, soft PVC, rubber, leather, and plants. Other materials such as fiber.

The powder size of the plastic mill is adjustable from 10 to 100 mesh, and the conditioning is convenient, the humanized adjustment knife and the fixed knife gap are only needed for a while and are easy.

The plastic mill cooling system uses a full-flow water-cooled, air-cooled auxiliary dual system.

The plastic mill motor is suitable for 37 kW, Japanese NsK bearings, stainless steel vibrating screens, stainless steel tubes.

The plastic mill has a compact structure, a small footprint, an all-steel structure, and is stable and durable.

The plastic mill is closedly planned, using its own air volume and wind pressure, and the powder prepared by it is collected and no dust is leaked.

This machine can make all kinds of soft and hard leather into powder form at room temperature, and the data of different molecular structures such as artificial leather, PVC and PE are ground into 10-100 mesh powder.

In addition, our factory also produces 660/880 type mill

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