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PE plastic mill
PE plastic mill

PE plastic mill working principle

The low temperature is the main strength of the aircraft. According to the thermal power equivalent: converted to 860 kcal after every hour of work. This unit is externally ventilated. The air volume is up to 2602m3/h, and the wind temperature difference between the inlet and outlet takes away most of the heat. A small portion of the heat is cooled by water. The inlet temperature of cold water is required to be no more than 25 ° C, the temperature of the outlet water is not more than 45 ° C, and the cooling water flow is appropriately increased in summer.

This mill is used for low hardness to medium grade PVC plastics, high density PE and other plastics. According to the practice of the professional factory of plastic products, the milled powder participates in 20%-30% calcium carbonate in the processing return visit. The chemical and physical properties of the products keep the new indexes unchanged and the output can reach 300kg/h. Therefore, This equipment is a equipment for the reduction of waste products in plastic products factories.

Features of the mill equipment: replacement recommended long service life, low power consumption, high output, simple structure, convenient installation, the host is equipped with a wind and water circulation cooling system. The dust removal equipment has a high degree of automation. High efficiency, significantly reducing the labor intensity of workers. In addition, our factory also produces PS mill

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