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PE PVC plastic mill
PE PVC plastic mill

PE PVC plastic mill has the following characteristics:

a. The plastic mill uses a new tool structure to improve the output value and overcome the characteristics of grinding PE output value and powder coarse.

b, plastic mill machine with high output value, fine grinding, energy saving and environmental protection.

c, plastic mill has a wide range of applications, can grind PVC, PE, PS, PA, PC and other plastics.

d, plastic mill is easy to install and protect, open the door to finish.

e, plastic mill machine is completely sealed throughout the plastic grinding process, no dust pollution.

f, plastic mill powder size 10 ~ 120 mesh adjustable, and convenient conditioning.

g, plastic mill plastic mill cooling system using wind, water combined cooling.

h, plastic grinding machine high quality wear-resistant steel cutter, high output value, good wear resistance.

i. The plastic mill is fully automatic and continues to operate.

The PE PVC plastic mill has a compact structure and a small footprint. The all-steel structure is integrated and stable. The closed design uses its own air volume and wind pressure to collect the prepared powder without dust leakage. The humanized knife adjustment, design concept, fixed knife gap movement only need a moment, easy and free.

The plastic mill is easy to maintain and clean.

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