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Grinding disc mill
Grinding disc mill

First, the primary structure and operating principle

The structure of the grinding disc mill is mainly composed of a main machine, an analyzer, a finished cyclone separator, a fine powder cyclone separator and a duct.

Wind selection process: After the material is ground, the fan blows the wind into the main casing, picks up the powder, and sorts it through the analyzer placed above the grinding chamber. The material with too fineness falls into the grinding chamber and re-grinds. The standard wind turbine flows into the large cyclone collector, and after being collected, it is removed by the powder discharge pipe, which becomes the finished product. The wind flow is returned to the fan by the return air pipe at the upper end of the large cyclone. The air path is circulated and flows under the negative pressure state. The air volume of the circulating air path increases, and the airflow pipe between the fan and the main engine enters the small cyclone collector. After the entrained micropowder is collected, the excess airflow enters the bag filter and is purified and discharged into the atmosphere. In addition, our factory also produces 660 type mill!

Second, the performance characteristics

1. The new grinding disc is planned, with high output value, strong wear resistance and twice the life span of the general grinding disc.

2. Using the newly planned special bearings, the high speed is achieved, and only one drive motor is used together to ensure efficient impact grinding. This large-scale operation saves the machine operation time and the engineering control.

3. Easy installation and maintenance, open the door cover to clean.

4. The milling process is completely closed and there is no dust leakage.

5. Fully active, active feeding, discharging, sorting.

6.10-120 mesh can be adjusted for the adjustment of the gap, only need to use the feeler and adjustment bolts to adjust accurately.

7. The main engine cooling system uses a double cooling system of wind and water.

8. Milling objects: PE, LEPE, PVC, ABS, EVA, PS, GPPS, HIPS, PET, SBS, PA, PC, rubber, wood powder, nylon and other products.

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