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Grinding disc plastic mill
Grinding disc plastic mill

Overview of the grinding disc plastic mill:

A. Compared with the same type of mill, the output value is greatly improved under the same power, saving energy.

B. Added dust removal device and useful to reduce dust pollution.

C. Turn off the fan discharge, select the material by vibration, select the unqualified material, and actively return the grinding machine to reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

D. The main door can be opened for easy maintenance and tool replacement.

E. Using feng shui and cold, it is better to reduce the working temperature of the machine body and the material is not easy to be denatured.

feature of product:

1. The new grinding disc is planned, the output value is higher, the wear resistance is stronger, and the life is twice that of the general grinding disc.

2. New bearing planning device, the machine life is more durable

3. Mainframe structure planning, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel cyclone

4. The device is easy to maintain, and can be finished by flipping the door cover

5. The grinding process is completely sealed, no dust leakage

6. Active operation, reduce labor, active feeding, discharging, picking

7. Milling fineness can be controlled, easy to adjust, easy to operate

8. The cooling system uses wind and water combined with double cooling

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