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LDPE special plastic mill
LDPE special plastic mill

Features of LDPE special plastic mill:

A) The LDPE mill has a solid layout and a rigid and rigid layout. It is not suitable for continuous applications.

B) LDPE mill has a lower service life and less wear resistance than the ordinary mill. The life of the grinding disc is twice that of the ordinary grinding disc, saving costs.

C) LDPE mills are widely used because of the peculiar damage of this mill, whether to grind a variety of plastics. Such as PVC, PE, EVA, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, EPS, PS and other plastics.

D) LDPE mill inspection and easy to open the door will be rectified, concise and convenient.

E) LDPE mill is automatically operated to automatically feed and discharge.

F) LDPE mill is in a closed layout, the grinding process is closed, no dust leakage

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