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Cutter grinding machine
Cutter grinding machine

The characteristics of the cutterhead mill are as follows:

Compared with similar mills, the mill has a large increase in output (20%-50% increase) in the same power, saving energy.

The dust mill adds dust collection equipment to effectively reduce dust pollution.

The main fan discharge of the mill reduces the labor intensity of the operators.

The main door of the mill can be opened for easy access and tool replacement.

The mill uses double cooling of feng shui, which better reduces the working temperature inside the machine. The material developed is not easy to be denatured, and it is also beneficial for the grinding of heat sensitive plastics. Some PE and ABS can be ground.

working principle:

The working part of the mill is a cutter head. The high-speed particles are partially destroyed after striking the tooth plate, and are sucked out by suction, while the larger particles continue to collide and are extracted after being destroyed. This reduces the load on the cutter head, increases the grinding power, and allows the powder to be evenly cooled.

The low temperature is the main strength of the mill. According to the thermal power equivalent: converted to 860 kcal after every hour of work. This unit is externally ventilated. The air volume reaches 50m/KW, and the wind temperature difference between the inlet and outlet takes away most of the heat. A small portion of the heat is cooled by water. The inlet temperature of cold water is required to be no more than 25 ° C, the temperature of the outlet water is not more than 45 ° C, and the cooling water flow is appropriately added in summer to lower the temperature. Our factory also produces 880 type mill

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