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SWP plastic crusher
SWP plastic crusher

The company is proud to introduce a series of crushing mill production lines to meet the needs of some plastic products recycling process. From the breakdown of plastic products to grinding into powder, graded bagging, all automated assembly line operations, more efficient, more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient recycling of waste plastics. The main working parts are all sound-proof design, the noise is small during work; the important parts are equipped with water circulation cooling system to ensure continuous operation; the dust discharge system is provided at the discharge parts, the dust is effectively recycled, and the production workshop is clean and tidy; the whole production line is very compact. Small footprint, strong equipment stability, durable; equipped with independent electric control cabinet, safe and convenient operation... Features and functions:

SWP plastic crusher is suitable for crushing and reusing various plastics, especially for all kinds of hard plastics. The crusher is easy to operate, the tool change is simple and convenient; the tool holder is optimized. The claw type knife can dissipate the force, which increases the shearing force of each piece of knife, thereby effectively improving the tool cutting tool and reducing the tool wear. The electric control safety device is provided, and the hopper adopts double-layer structure and is filled with soundproof material. The equipment has good safety and environmental protection, saving power and durability.

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