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Plastic crusher
Plastic crusher

Introduction to plastic crusher

Mainly used for crushing all kinds of plastic plastics and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, wires, films, waste rubber products. The pellets can be directly used in extruders or injection molding, and can also be regenerated by root granulation. There is also a plastic crusher that is a peripheral device of an injection molding machine that can break the defective product and the nozzle material produced by the injection molding machine.


The plastic crusher drives the movable cutter to rotate at a high speed through the motor, and the relative movement of the fixed knife during the high-speed rotation of the movable knife uses the gap formed between the movable knife and the fixed knife to cause the plastic to break the shear and cut off. The block plastic is crushed, and the broken plastic is filtered through a sieve to filter the size of the plastic particles.


It can be used for the destruction of all waste plastics such as boxes, thin pipe parts, blow molding parts, bottles, shells, plastic articles, etc., or as an auxiliary machine for injection molding machines, to destroy the nozzles or defective parts of the injection molding machine.

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