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Strong crusher
Strong crusher

The powerful crusher is suitable for the crushing of extremely strong materials such as ferrochrome, tungsten iron and so on. It is mainly composed of a frame, a moving frame, a connecting rod portion, a bracket portion, an adjusting portion, and a transmission portion. The machine is a cumbersome equipment for the breakage of traditional Chinese medicine, and its broken materials can be used as Chinese medicine granules for extraction and export, and for destroying fine materials. The broken material has a low powder yield. It is especially suitable for materials that are strong and difficult to separate in traditional Chinese medicine. Such as sturdy roots, vines, and various horns. Working principle: The material enters the crushing chamber, and the shearing of the rotating movable knife and the fixed knife forms a particle by impact, and the qualified particles flow out through the mesh plate. The stencil can be replaced.
main advantage:
1 The structure is simple and compact, impact resistant, and the production environment is harsh.
2 The advanced self-coupled decompression and electric starting method is adopted, which has the characteristics of stable development and uniform work.
1. It can be used in a wide range of applications, and it can crush and recycle plastic products of various materials and shapes;
2, the processing technology is old, the important parts such as the box body and the tool holder are all processed to ensure the matching precision;
3, reasonable structure, easy operation, energy saving and durable, useful economy;
4. There are a number of safety protection devices to ensure safe operation;
5, the hopper double-layer planning to reduce noise.

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