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Analysis of performance characteristics of 880 type mill

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-10-21

The 800 type mill is a series of turbine plastic mills. Mainly used in the category of rigid PVC recycling, such as the recycling of PVC pipes, profiles, plates and corners.
1. For the same type of mill, the output value is greatly improved under the same power consumption (increased production by 20%-50%), saving energy.
2. Increased dust collection equipment, effectively reducing dust pollution.
3. Closing fan discharge reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
4. The main door can be opened for easy access and tool replacement.
5. The choice of feng shui double cooling, better reduce the working temperature of the machine equipment, the material is not easy to be denatured, but also conducive to the grinding of heat-sensitive plastics, some PE, ABS can be ground.
Its performance characteristics Fully automatic 880 type mill has the characteristics of high output value and low energy consumption, used for grinding powder processing of polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polystyrene PS, ABS and other materials.
●The new grinding disc plan has high output value, strong wear resistance and twice the life span of ordinary grinding discs;
●Using the newly planned special bearings to achieve high speed;
●Installation protection is convenient, and the door cover can be opened to finish;
●The grinding process is completely sealed, no dust leakage;
● Fully automated, automatic feeding, discharging, sorting;
●The adjustment of the grinding gap is simple, just use the feeler gauge and adjusting bolt to adjust accurately;
●The host cooling system uses wind and water combined cooling;
●The plan is reasonable, the cross section of the grinding cavity is small, the material is caught and ground immediately as soon as it enters, and it is removed in agile, avoiding the temperature rise and decomposition of the material, and then having higher output value.

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