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The overall structure and working principle of PVC mill

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-10-28

The structure of the PVC mill is composed of a main machine, an analysis machine, a pipeline device, a blower, a jaw crusher, a bucket elevator, an electromagnetic vibration feeder, an electric control device and a motor. Plastic mill machine working process (grinding material process): After the bulk material is crushed to the required particle size by the jaw crusher, the material is sent to the storage hopper by the hoist, and then the material is evenly distributed by the vibrating feeder. The powder is sent to the main grinding chamber for grinding in a quantitative manner, and the powder after grinding is taken away by the fan airflow.
After being classified by the analysis machine, the fine powder conforming to the fineness enters the large cyclone powder collector through the pipeline, and is separated and collected, and then discharged through the powder discharge pipe to be the product powder. The air flow is then drawn into the blower by the upper return air duct of the large cyclone collector. The whole airflow system of the machine is closed and circulating, and it is cyclically active under positive and negative pressure conditions.
In the grinding chamber, due to the certain water content in the material to be ground, the heat generated during grinding causes the gas in the grinding chamber to evaporate to change the gas flow rate, and the joints of the pipes of the whole machine are not sealed, and the outside air is sucked in, so that the circulating air volume is added. After adjusting the balance between the fan and the main engine to reach the balance of the airflow, the excess gas is introduced into the bag filter, and the fine powder brought in by the residual gas is collected, and the remaining gas is purified and discharged.
The working process of the main machine is to drive the central shaft to roll through the transmission device. The upper end of the shaft is connected with the plum blossom frame. The frame is equipped with a grinding roller device and constitutes a swinging fulcrum, which not only revolves around the center, but also the grinding roller revolves around the grinding ring, and the grinding roller itself Rotate because of the honing effect. The lower end of the plum blossom frame is equipped with a blade system, the orientation of which is at the lower end of the grinding roller, and the scraper and the grinding roller are thrown into the grinding roller and the grinding ring during the same turning process to form a cushion layer, and the material layer is subjected to the grinding roller. The rotation produces a centrifugal force (squeezing force) in the watch to crush the material, thereby reaching the purpose of milling.
The analysis machine passes through the speed regulating motor and rotates 60 blades on the turntable through the secondary deceleration to form a classification effect on the powder. The speed of the blade rotation speed is adjusted according to the particle size of the product. When it is necessary to obtain finer-grained powder, it is necessary to increase the rotation speed of the blade so that the blade is added in contact with the powder, so that the undesired powder is thrown away from the airflow by the blade, and the coarse powder falls into the mill due to the effect of gravity. The chamber is reground, and the qualified product powder is sucked into the large cyclone powder collector through the blade, and the powder is collected after the airflow and the powder are separated.
The large cyclone dust collector plays an important role in the function of the mill. When the powder airflow enters the collector, it is rotated at a high speed. After the airflow is separated from the powder, the airflow moves to the center with the conical wall contracting to the cone bottom. The time (ie the natural length of the airflow) constitutes a rotating upward airflow cylinder, at which point the powder is collected by falling and falling.
Because the center of the airflow rotating upward is in a negative pressure state, the sealing of the lower end of the powder collector is very high, and the outside air must be severely separated. Otherwise, the collected powder will be taken away from the head by the central airflow, which directly affects the whole machine. The output value, so the lower end of the collector is equipped with a locker, the effect is to separate the external positive pressure gas from the collector negative pressure gas, which is a very important component, such as the tongue plate without the locker or the locker. If the seal is not strict, it will form no powder or less powder, which will seriously affect the output value of the whole machine.

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