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The main reason for the wear of plastic mill parts

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-11-04

Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery Factory is located in Leyu Development Zone, Zhangjiagang. Our factory has many years of experience in manufacturing plastic mills, and fully absorbs advanced technology and management methods at home and abroad. Research, design, manufacture and sales of plastic machinery. At present, the company's main mechanical products are: plastic mill, pvc mill, cutter disc mill, disc mill, pe mill, etc., and have good after-sales service and quality solutions. "Quality products and perfect service" for the purpose. It is widely used in many industries such as plastics, chemicals, rubber, recycled manufacturing, resource recycling, and waste plastics processing.
The main reason for the large wear of plastic mill parts is the hardness of the material. Assume that the hardness of the material processed by the plastic mill is very large, and even harder than the material of the plastic mill, it will definitely increase the wear speed of the plastic mill, resulting in the early retirement of some parts, which is not worth the loss. Users should also refer to the imitation of the process to accurately control the plastic mill.
Second, material impurities. It is assumed that some impurities that are difficult to grind are mixed into the material, and it cannot be broken and destroyed, so that the continuous rotation in the grinding chamber will accelerate the wear speed of the grinding parts. Therefore, the material must be screened before the feeding, and the impurities are removed.
Third, the composition of wearing parts. The grinding ring and the grinding roller of the roller type plastic grinding machine must be made of high-quality steel. The parts made of the residual steel are worn fast. It may be replaced by the user after 1-2 months, which will definitely cause the user. property loss. Manganese steel is a suitable steel for the wearing parts of ultra-fine plastic mill. Manganese is a weak carbide constituent element. It enters the cementite Fe3C sector instead of iron atoms to form alloy cementite. It can obtain refined pearlite graphite. Separation and carbide separation, no effect on the austenite, the more wearable parts.

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