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Precautions when starting the plastic mill and the reasons for the blockage

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-09-02

We all know that any mechanical equipment is turned on and has a set program. As long as it is used in the correct way, it should be a normal work of the machine. The same is true for the plastic mill. The following problems should be paid attention to after the start-up, so as to ensure the correct use of the plastic destroyer. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions for the start-up of the plastic mill and the reasons for the seizure.
1. Start the motor running at no load, listen to the sound to check the running status of the parts. If the technical status of each part is normal, the load can be operated after the normal speed.
Second, the screen device is strong, sealed, no leakage, and the screen frame should be fastened.
3. When the plastic mill is finished, it should be emptied for 2-3 minutes. After the material in the machine is completely removed, the destroyer and fan can be stopped.
Fourth, when operating, there should be no bad noise, there should be no magnetic and friction.
5. If abnormal noise, discharge jam, bearing or motor overheating are found during the work, the feeding should be stopped, the parking should be checked, and the fault should be cleared.
Sixth, the operation must strictly ensure safe production, and can not increase the speed of the mill. Always check the split pin on the pin and replace it if it is excessively worn or cracked.
In addition, what is the cause of the cracking of the plastic mill during operation?
First, it may be that the plastic mill is not suitable for the plastics that your company wants to break in the structural design;
Second, it may be that the feed rate is too fast, the load is increased, and the blockage is formed;
Third, the discharge pipe may be poor or blocked;
4. The hammer is broken and aged, and the mesh hole is closed and broken. If the moisture content of the damaged material is too high, the plastic destroyer will be blocked.

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