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Vigorously develop innovative technology of innovative milling equipment

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-09-16

Skills and equipment resources are productivity, and the new large-scale mill equipment experienced by the skill and equipment unit is the guarantee for the improvement of the skills and innovation of China's milling equipment. The mill is experienced in the construction of the skill and equipment, and the outstanding position of the grinding equipment is experienced in the production of the skill, to develop, introduce and use the high-level new mill to experience the skills and equipment as the core, to develop the system and mechanism, and to build equipment. The growth of a good environment, the creation of a grand plan, reasonable structure, excellent quality of the vertical mill equipment experienced skills and equipment units, providing strong equipment support and intellectual support for the construction of the independent industry.
In the field of important industry experience skills, combined with regional characteristics and superior milling equipment to experience skill productivity, build an industry engineering (experience skills) research center, engineering laboratory, strengthen check and evaluation, adjust and optimize the construction layout. Strengthen the construction of a large-scale scientific instrument center, professional-level analysis and testing center, industry mills experience skills literature and documentation center, occupational test animal seed center, occupational metering mill experience and skill base.
Further strengthen the university's milling equipment experience skill park, mill machine manufacturer experience skill center, productivity promotion center, experience skill transfer demonstration center, grinding equipment experience skill mill manufacturer incubator, etc. experience skills innovation, effect transformation, business incubation The construction and layout of the base. The World Collaborative Research Center, the World Mills Experience Skills Cooperation Alliance and the World Experience Skills Handling Center and other world grinding equipment experience skills cooperation base construction.

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