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880 type mill does not pay attention to the danger of lubrication maintenance

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-09-23

Whether the user chooses the 880 type mill from our company or sees the knowledge about the mill on our official website, our company always pays attention to the maintenance and protection of the mill, because it is not only related to the mill. The productivity will also affect the life of the mill. Today I want to introduce to you is the 880 type mill does not pay attention to the maintenance of the hazard?
In the use of the 880 type mill , if the lubrication work is not done, the bite wear will occur. What is bite wear? It means that the parts inside the machine are stuck and worn. At this time, there is a large conflict between the related parts. It is common for the roller and the snap to occur frequently.
The parts inside the mill are in smooth contact under normal conditions. Even if there are some unevenness in some places, it will not affect the machine under the effect of smooth oil. However, there is no smooth oil. In some parts of the rough surface, because the contact surface is small, the effect is large, the resistance is large, and the surface of the part is more worn until the wear and tear occurs. And the original oxide film on the exterior of the part will also be damaged, and a relatively smooth appearance will appear, so that the metal on the surface in the active state will directly attack each other and form a sticking point. When the mill continues to move, the sticking point will be made. Material migrates from one exterior to another.
Adding smooth oil to the mill is a good habit to maintain the mill. In the long run, this method not only enhances the productivity of the mill, but also increases the service life of the mill, so the user is using it. When grinding the machine, be sure to do the maintenance and protection of the grinding machine. Don't steal it!

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