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The reason why the powder type of the 880 mill becomes lower!

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-09-27

It is common sense for the mechanical products such as the 800 type mill to work abnormally, but from the user's point of view, it is definitely one hundred unwilling. Why is the powder in the production process of the 800 type mill? Will the amount get lower? Of course, such a problem is also a countermeasure.
The amount of powder from the 800 mill will be lower due to the following aspects:
1. Equipment speed: Take the numerical control 800 type mill equipment as an example. The equipment is mainly used to adjust the speed of the equipment through the frequency conversion controller. When the speed is high, the fine powder is produced, the output value is slightly lower, and the material with lower speed is thicker. The output value is large.
2. Feeding amount of equipment: When the feeding amount is small, the equipment of the 800 type mill is not full, the inside of the mill is not full, and the granularity of the product is not full, and the output value is also good. There is no high output value at full load.
3. Viscosity and humidity of materials: Some materials become sticky under high temperature and the viscosity is too large. In the process of milling, the materials will not only be easily bonded inside the 800 mill or the discharge port. The formation of the equipment discharge port is blocked, resulting in a reduction in the amount of sand produced, and even in severe cases, it will cause certain damage to the milling equipment.
4, the hardness and fineness of the raw materials: the size of the particles in the grinding process is 3-5 cm, the particles below or above this standard will directly affect the output value, and then, the 800 type mill is used for processing The output value of materials with low hardness like limestone, bluestone and weathered sand is higher than that of processed hard rock such as cobblestone, granite and basalt. Therefore, the flour extraction rate of the mill equipment is also related to the quality of the equipment.

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