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How to debug the plastic mill?

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-10-08

The plastic grinding machine produced by Leyu Yiyi is of high speed, high precision and high efficiency. In the process of debugging the customer's grinding machine, it should be noted that the grinding machine must be installed in the horizontal orientation. After the mill is grounded, take out the special anti-slip horn in the box, place it in the four grooves in the lower part of the mill, then take out the adjusting bolts in the box and tighten the four adjustment points in the lower part of the mill one by one. Up, until it can withstand the groove hole of the horn, use the level to measure on the workbench, and adjust the orientation of the bolt again. After repeated several times, the level of the plastic mill is very accurate.
Plastic mill grinding machine attention safety matters 1, Le Yu Yi plastic grinding machine with high precision, do not bump or hit when unloading;
2. Check whether the X, Y, and Z locks of each workbench are released.
3. The mechanical cutter must be injected into the gear oil;
4. Check if the electrical line connector is loose;
5. Check whether the special accessories of the mill are complete;
6. Read the instructions and the digital display manual carefully.
What are the factors that affect its processing accuracy?
In the process of plastic mill operation, the dimensional accuracy of the machined parts is affected by many factors. So, how can we avoid these elements to improve the machining accuracy? The first step is to find the possible reasons and then find a solution. The factors affecting the processing precision of the milling machine of the plastic mill are as follows: 1. The influence of temperature. 2. Tool errors. 3. Errors in the knife. 4. Oscillation and stiffness of the milling machine of plastic mill. 5. Influence of cutting force 6. Material and deformation of the workpiece. I hope that the above six points will help everyone, and I also remind you that you must pay attention to the process of plastic mill operation.

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