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What is the reason for the efficiency of the cutterhead mill?

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-08-16

In the process of using the cutter-type mill, there will be a phenomenon of low power, so what is the reason for affecting the operating power of the cutter-type mill?
First of all, in the normal construction and production process, some application enterprises will inevitably have some mechanical idling, skill suspension and reasonable parking, which will lower the working power of the equipment, and the necessary spare stations will often form idle classes. If the construction process encounters some unfavorable weather conditions, the relevant operators will also affect the working power of the equipment when the problem is eliminated.
Secondly, if the time of mechanical handling within the construction site and the carrying and pulling tools required for self-propelled mechanical handling, the time when the supporting machinery affects the lost time and the time required for the parking lot to the working place to exceed the fixed distance, the initial stage of construction is limited. The power difference formed by the condition and the time when the engineering quantity at the end is not full is lost, and the work that occurs due to the power supply, the water supply problem, and the mobile maintenance of the water and electricity line is suspended. These can also result in a reduction in the operating power of the cutter-type mill.
In addition, the cutter-type mills produced by different manufacturers also have a certain gap in structure and function, which will lead to some poor performance of some equipment during processing, and the corresponding equipment operating power. Natural will also be higher, some lower.
In view of the above reasons, the operation power of the cutter-type mill has been reduced. Our company is constantly improving and innovating. For this reason, the cutter-type mill equipment of the cast steel body has been introduced, which is processed in frequent cutting operations. The metal is heated to produce a series of various power-affecting problems, and the crank-type mill shell is doped with rare earth and manganese alloy, which greatly improves the toughness and wear resistance of the machine, and can make the whole machine long and high. Power work.

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