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Development trend and precautions of PVC mill

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-08-05

PVC mill is a commonly used mill equipment in the industry. This equipment can grind various materials, such as polypropylene PP, polyethylene PE, etc. In recent years, the use of PVC mills has become wider and wider. So, what is the development trend of PVC mills? What should you watch out for when using a PVC mill?
[The trend of the development of PVC mills]
In China, except for a few large-scale pvc mill enterprise group companies and some wholly-owned, joint ventures and private pvc mill products companies have advanced elder equipment, most of China's pvc mill processing enterprises are still based on domestic equipment. About 20% of the equipment in use is a high-energy, low-capacity equipment that should have been phased out, but it is still in use for various reasons.
The development trend of the pvc mill can be summarized into three directions, namely, large-scale, refined, and high-speed. In the future, the professional field of China's pvc mills must be based on the "three-oriented" as the established goal. Under the influence of the economic crisis, some small domestic manufacturers with small skills and weak economic strength have closed down under the huge impact. This is a broader social resource flow to large-scale enterprises with relatively strong strength.
[Introduce some precautions when using PVC mill]
(1) Always check the bearing temperature. If the temperature is too high, check whether the smooth and transmission parts are normal and the rolling distance is too tight. Identify the cause in time and take corresponding measures. If the situation is serious, stop it and check it.
(2) Always check the tightness of the belt. If the belt is too loose, the transmission power will be reduced and the grinding effect will be affected. If it is too tight, the bearing will be heated easily. The power consumption will be increased and the service life of the belt will be reduced.
(3) All kinds of transmission components must be fastened and secured. Disassembly or installation of PVC plastic mill should use special tools. It is forbidden to directly hit with tools such as hammers.
(4) Do not forget to check the pneumatic components. After the plastic mill is turned on, always check the pneumatic components in the gas path, whether there is air leakage or damage in the gas path and the joint, and check whether the gas supply pressure meets the requirements. The use of the timing belt of the plastic mill should also be checked frequently. If it is found to be too tight, too loose, beating, deviation, and serious wear, it should be adjusted, repaired or replaced in time.

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