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What are the advantages of the new PP mill?

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-08-09

When it comes to the mill, the first thing that people might think of is the sparsely divided powdery substance in life, which is inseparable from many industries. So how to debug the mill? Today, Leyu Yiyi Machinery Factory will bring you to understand the advantages of the new mill.
[What are the advantages of the new PP mill?]
The advantage of PP type mill, we only have one sealing device in terms of sealing degree, the sealing degree is not high, affecting the output of material products, it is easy to damage the bearing and increase the repair cost. The inside of the PP type grinding machine is sealed by multiple sealing equipments. The material will not enter the bearing even in high-speed work, and the damage rate is extremely low. The sealing equipment ensures stable discharge and directly increases the output.
From the internal process, the grinding machine grinds the material purely according to the rolling and rolling of the grinding roller to achieve the purpose of material pulverization, which makes the service life of the grinding roller greatly reduced, and the grinding roller itself is attributed to the wearing parts, thus requiring Often the cost of replacement is increased. In the PP mill, the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is controllable, and the effect of the material layer can be fully utilized to achieve the intention of pulverizing the material, and the cost of the wearing part is reduced.
From the power of the main engine, the YGM160 type high-pressure mill and the JYM190 European version of the mill are the same as the price. The YGM160 mill is from the crushing to the final powder. The power of one set is nearly 300kw, and the output is 10t/h evenly. Calculated, the electricity consumption per ton is nearly 30 degrees, and the power of a set of equipment of JYM190 does not exceed 400kw, calculated according to 400kw, the output is 20t/h evenly, and the electricity consumption per ton is 20 degrees.
The electricity consumption of industrial electricity is calculated by one degree of electricity and one round and five cents. The power consumption per ton of powder is reduced by 30 yuan. PP grinding machine is suitable for closed or open grinding system. It can be equipped with pulse dust collector. The dust removal effect can fully satisfy the environmental protection requirements. The dust emission concentration is completely lower than the environmental protection regulations.

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