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How to adjust the fineness of PVC mill?

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2017-08-23

We all know that PVC mills are powder processing equipment for a variety of specific materials, and they have a wide range of applications and important positions in plastics and mineral processing. How much do you know about the working principle of the PVC mill and the characteristics of the PVC mill? Today we will focus on the principle and characteristics of the PVC mill, let's learn together.

The output value and quality of a machine largely determine the development of a company's economy, so the value and quality of the machine is a problem that machine manufacturers and operators pay more attention to. The mill has been widely used in many occupations. How to dispatch the fineness and output value of the mill? As a professional manufacturer of the mill, Collierk will share with us today.

The mesh number of the mill is inversely proportional to the output value. As long as the fineness is high, the output value is bound to be low. This is because the high fineness requirement means that the speed of the analyzer part is accelerated, and the coarser material is unavoidable, and it is necessary to re-grind it. This lengthens the grinding time of the material inside the mill, which means that the time taken for the product to come out in a unit time is long, so the amount is reduced.

In the production process of the mill, the scheduling of air volume and fineness is often required. In order to meet the needs of production, we must master some knowledge of mill scheduling. Today we will share with us several methods of fineness of mill scheduling: the diameter of the spacer ring and the diameter of the spacer ring determine the particle in the destruction room. The time of stay. The larger the diameter of the spacer, the shorter the residence time of the particles, the larger the particle size of the damaged product, the higher the output value, and vice versa; the air volume can be controlled by the butterfly valve at the outlet end of the mill. When the air volume increases, the product particle size increases, and vice versa; the slag discharge amount, the slag discharge hole size of the slagging equipment is controlled to control the slag discharge amount, and the product quality and purity can be improved; the grading impeller and the spacer ring gap, the gap Decrease, the product becomes thinner; the gap increases and the product becomes thicker.

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