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Safety requirements when using a plastic mill

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2017-10-23

1. When operating the plastic mill, the operator must strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid accidents caused by operational errors.

2. Check all aspects of the machine before work, such as checking the tightness of each transmission belt and the reliability of the safety protection device and whether the fastening screws of each part are loose; whether the lubrication parts (grinding roller bearings, round screen bearings, etc.) are lubricated Good; whether the gaps of the grinding rolls are consistent; whether the quality and moisture of the objects to be ground meet the requirements and whether they contain impurities (such as metal blocks, stones, etc.).

3. If the new machine or the new brushed roller is reassembled, it should be tested with 20 kg of bran for 0.5 h. After the foreign matter such as dirt and iron filings in the grinding head is removed, the bran in the round sieve is removed. Clean and start grinding again.

4. When the work is first, the material is closed after the feeding; when the work is stopped, the feed gate is closed and the material is cut off. No material flows into the grinding roller in the standby device, and the rolling distance adjustment structure is immediately released, so that the two grinding rollers are in a separate state, avoiding Empty grinding roller. Do not use excessive force when closing together. The brake hook should be pushed smoothly to avoid damage to the parts.

5. Before starting the machine, ensure that the working pressure of the cylinder entering the plastic mill is stable, that is, maintain a certain load. If during the processing, the load on the front roller is increased due to excessive load, bottleneck effect may occur, so it is necessary to reduce the feed amount; if the output value cannot be increased, the load of the roller must be reduced. The requirements can be met by adjusting the roll pitch.

6. The feed should be uniform and the activity rate should be stable. Too much or insufficient feed and the uneven operation of the plastic mill will result in inadequate machine operation and energy consumption. The orientation of the limit screw should be adjusted according to the flow rate to ensure the relative stability of the mill's working flow.

7. Pay special attention to the temperature during the work process. The temperature rise of the milled material shall not exceed 40 °C, and the high temperature of the mill bearing shall not exceed 60 °C. When the temperature of the material rises, pay attention to the adjustment of the suction tissue and lower the temperature of the material as appropriate.

8. It is forbidden to put the grinding roller into the working position when the machine is working empty, and form the wear of the grinding roller.

9. When the machine is working, if it is found to be faulty, stop it immediately, repair it if necessary, and do not work with the disease. If the wearing parts are damaged, they should be replaced in time.

10. After the work is finished, remove the machine memory slag, and open the grinding door and the window to ventilate, so that the heat inside the machine is dissipated. Let the sieve continue to work for a few minutes, so that the flour and bran inside are cleaned as much as possible. Check that the round screen is free and clean the surface of the machine and keep it clean.

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