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How to reduce the wear of plastic mill blades

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-09-18

The blades of plastic mills are generally made of steel or steel plated steel, so they can be metal blades. There are many customers who have special questions about metal blades. Why is he still so easy to damage? Is it made of inferior materials? In fact, we can think about whether metal or other materials will wear out under the effect of high temperature and constant conflict, so our mill blades can not avoid wear and tear at high temperature. So all we can do is to reduce the wear and tear of the blade of the destroyer. How to reduce the wear is also a concern of many customers.
The first solution is to use nanomaterials. The principle of this method is to use nanomaterials to fill in the areas that are worn away. We all know that this nano can also be used on this car engine. Because nanometer is a small unit of measurement, our naked eyes can't see it. And this material can also repair the wear that we can't see.
The second is to apply some lubricant. It can speed up the operation of the machine and reduce wear and tear. It also prevents the rust of the plastic mill blade and extends the life of the mill blade.
The third is to solve the problem from the source, try not to use some poor quality blades, choose the blade, there are the following requirements, the first is to withstand high temperature, conflict resistance, because the blade is to rotate at high speed, especially damage Moving the knife, and these blades will collide when rotating, and the conflict will generate heat. The faster the speed, the higher the temperature. The second is that the hardness is large, and the hardness is large, and there is a large impact resistance, which also destroys one of the technical requirements of the machine blade.

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