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What factors can cause the fineness of the mill?

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-09-26

What causes the mill fineness problem? The specific aspects are analyzed as follows:
1. Raw ore hardness: Different ore, its hardness is not the same, this element is fixed relative to the same ore, and can not be adjusted. However, in the production, under the premise of the mineral processing technology requirements, reasonable mineralization can be carried out, and the ore size is uniform as much as possible, and the block-like and powder-like mineral ratio is reasonable and stable. In addition, in the belt feeding point of the mill belt, the belt may leak due to long-term wear, and most of the leaked is powder ore. This part of the mine is necessary to be added to the mill as soon as possible, if it is stacked for a long time. , will continue to increase, will form a ball mill to give the mine uneven, causing production instability. Especially difficult to mine, often the nature of the powder deposits and block minerals are not the same.
2. The height of the grader spindle is also an important factor affecting the amount of sand returned and the fineness of grinding. Normal normal production requires the grader spindle to be in place. Some ore dressing mills after the equipment maintenance, because the ore in the classifier is not cleaned, in the long-term sinking, the mud sinking is more realistic, when the grader spindle is lowered, because the spindle is not carefully removed, the spindle is not completely lowered. The amount of sand returned is less than normal. In addition, if the spindle is not lowered, it may be because the spindle has not been cleaned for a long time, so pay attention to it during the operation.
3. The crushing size is fine, and the adjustment of the sieve mesh is closed. The ball miller must supervise the crushing system. If the mill size of the mill is changed during production, it must be reflected in the crushing workshop. After all, the finer the crushing particle size, the better.

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