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How to correctly determine IB flow when using the 660 mill?

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Research, design, manufacture and sales of plastic machinery. At present, the company's main mechanical products are: plastic 660 type mill , pvc660 type mill, cutter head 660 type mill, grinding disc 660 type mill, pe660 type mill, etc., more good after-sales service and quality The solution is based on the principle of "quality products and perfect service". It is widely used in many industries such as plastics, chemicals, rubber, recycled manufacturing, resource recycling, and waste plastics processing.
When operating the 660 type mill, the mill operator should adjust the operation according to the unit flow index and grinding effect of the 660 type mill. After the starter of the mill operator, it should give full play to the sensory identification methods such as eye, hand touch and tooth bite, quickly find out the quality of the original grain, the condition of grinding the moisture, the requirements of the product, etc. Firstly adjust the flow and the distance of the IB mill. The IB mill is brought to the specified grinding effect, and then conditioned according to the order of the skin, slag, heart, and tail system. Generally, after 30 minutes of starting, the flour output value, productivity, quality, etc. are detected, and the flow of IB is appropriately adjusted to achieve a better condition, and the balance of the entire powder flow is maintained.
(1) Eyes. Investigate the unscreened content and purification effect of the milled material. The skin mill should check the size of the bran, the slag-containing heart and the powdery condition. The heart mill should check the purity of the material, the uniformity of the particle size and the powder content.
(2) Hand touch. Take the ground material and check the grinding condition of each system. First check the size of the bran, the small slag core and the powdery condition in the skin of the front middle road. After the road skin mill, see how much the bran contains powder. Heart grinding should investigate the "flocking" condition and powder content of the ground material, that is, first use the big thumb and the index finger to discriminate the thickness and lubrication, and then hold the material into a group by hand. Determine the amount of powder. The slag grinding mainly depends on the quantity, quality and powder content of the endosperm in the grinding.
(3) Tooth bites. It is mainly to bite the wheat gently with the teeth, and it is possible to determine the softness and hardness of the wheat and the unevenness of the water.

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