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About the electrical control system of plastic mill

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-10-16

The operation of the motor system of the plastic mill is concentrated in the control cabinet. Each machine is interlocked with each other. The automatic feeding system of the feeding is controlled by the current of the main machine to control the feeding amount. The starting of each machine should be according to the operating procedure and The procedure is carried out. In this control cabinet, except for the main machine, the analysis machine, and the feeder, the other motors are general AC asynchronous motors.
1. The main engine and the fan are controlled to operate the control system. For the motor capacity greater than 30KW, the step-down start is selected, and the direct start is used for less than 30KW. In the system, the fan is selected by the star triangle, and the host adopts the Yanbian triangle to start.
The start of the Yanbian triangle is connected with the normal work. The contactor and the time relay form the control line and are automatically switched. The time relay is generally adjusted and extended for about 10 seconds.
2. The control principle of the vibration feeding and the structural principle of the automatic feeding electromagnetic vibrating feeder. The electric vibrating machine is a double-mass point forced forced vibration system, which is composed of the trough coupling fork armature, which is suspended at the lower end of the silo and has a certain The swimming gap is self-contained, and there must be no jamming or collision with other objects to avoid noise during work.
(1) After the vibration machine is installed, loosen the screws acting on the positioning fork (upper three times), loosen it and tighten it with a nut, open the back cover of the vibrator, and check that the gap between the iron core and the armature should be Within 1.8~2.1 mm, both should be cleaned in parallel. The screws should be consolidated and the cover fixed.
(2) Power-on no-load experiment, the electric control box amplitude-adjusting potentiometer R1 is gradually increased from small to small, the amplitude should be between 1.8 and 2.5 mm, the current is 1.2 amps, and the amplitude current is stable for several hours or more after continuous operation; Turn over the silo gate to feed, investigate whether the feed current is stable, and allow the amplitude to drop by 0.05 mm. If the amplitude current reaches an additional value and the feed amount is not met, the vibrator is tilted at an angle of 20° to satisfy Feed quantity requirements.
(3) Automatic feeding adjustment, automatic feeding is realized by the current change of the main motor and the fan motor. When the fan is working normally, the feed current will be stopped when the main current exceeds the extra current, and will be automatically fed when the current drops. This is mainly caused by the current relay action to open and connect the control voltage of the thyristor to reach the feed and stop. The feed is also automatically aborted in the event of a fan failure.
(4) When the automatic feeding starts, the main switch on the control cabinet door is set to the automatic orientation. Gradually increase the potentiometer R1 knob on the control box to make the current reach extra and stable. At the same time, adjust the current relay sliding wall according to the host's rated current, change the relay operating current. When it rises, the normally closed contact will be disconnected and the current will drop slightly. It is immediately closed, so that the plastic mill always maintains an excellent working condition, and does not form an empty grinding or overload phenomenon, ensuring the efficiency of the main mechanism powder.
(5) The analysis machine selects JZT type speed regulating motor drive, through the electromagnetic slip control (ZLK-1 type) button on the control cabinet to control and start the button squirrel cage motor part first work, then close the slip power switch to adjust the speed The knob matches the desired speed of the analyzer to the desired fineness (powder size), which in turn controls the particle size of the powder.

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