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How do plastic mill manufacturers deal with the problem of blocking materials?

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-08-22

The new plastic mill is a grinding equipment for processing various ore materials. Of course, the complete equipment for this ultra-fine plastic grinding equipment consists of many different parts. Each part is an integral part of a plastic grinding machine. The complete equipment includes low-grade crusher equipment and a plastic grinding machine. Prepare machines, hoists, dust collectors, screw conveyors, air compressors, dust collectors, silencers, etc. The entire set of equipment is very simple and easy to use.
However, an important part of the ultra-fine plastic mill is the fan. We know that the air pressure is negative throughout the production line of the plastic mill. First, after the air discharged from the blower, the powder material passes through the pipe into the rotary collector at the top of the storage bin, and the return air pipe returns to the blower to form air recirculation. Secondly, the bottom of the collector is equipped with a powder locking device, which acts to isolate the positive pressure gas from the negative pressure gas of the collecting pipe, and greatly improves the output. Again, the residual air and dust at the bottom of the main unit is filtered through the pipe to the bag filter. Dust and other debris are absorbed by the bag filter. The purified air is discharged into the outside world to effectively protect the environment.
But there are also many cases in which the pipeline gambling is a big setback in the process of using plastic grinding equipment. Pipelines are also very important in the production of plastic shredders. We also know how to deal with the phenomenon that pipes are easily blocked when improperly handled by plastic air ducts. Is the fan pipe blocked? How to successfully complete the operation of complete sets of equipment? Secondly, the engineers of Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery Factory explained how to avoid the problem of air duct blockage.
First, because the feed rate is too fast, or the material is blocked due to uneven material, it should be noted that the sound of the machine is normal when feeding. If the voice call is not normal, stop the test.
Second, the discharge port of the cyclone is negative pressure and the flow rate is relatively strict. If the discharge valve leaks during operation, the separated material will re-enter the cyclone collector. When the airflow enters the pipeline, it not only causes blockage, but also reduces the output.
Third, if the bag filter is not working properly, it will also cause the plastic shredder to block the air duct. The bag type dust collector is mainly used for recovering the air volume with increased air volume, and at the same time, removing dust particles in the dust, and the exhaust gas volume after exhausting is increased. When the bag filter cannot perform the dust removal work normally, a large amount of dust particles are easily accumulated in the air duct, which causes the plastic mill to return to the air duct.

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