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Causes and solutions for vibrating screen motor burning

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-08-28

In the process of using the oscillating screen, the burning of the motor is a relatively common problem. After all, what are the causes of such problems?
First, the loose bolts form the motor burning. Loose bolts are one of the main reasons for the burning of the motor. The exciting force of the oscillating motor during operation is to strike the anchor bolt twice every minute. Furthermore, the motor itself is also oscillating. Most of the anchor bolts are very simple and loose; if one of the bolts is loose, it will Causes loosening of other bolts, causing cracking and then burning the motor.
How to prevent:
1. Good contact of the floor of the ground surface motor, so that several anchor bolts are evenly stressed;
2, often reinforced anchor bolts;
3. Increase the anti-smashing device. On the selection of materials, the system uses an integrated oscillation motor of the housing. This kind of motor is processed at one time, so it can be level. The shell-shaped motor is divided into several parts and then assembled, so it is not simple horizontal, so the force of the anchor bolt is not simple and uniform, and the anchor bolt is loosened and cracked.
Second, the device is not properly formed to burn the motor; the upper and lower ends of the oscillating motor are equipped with a partial pain block. When the straight or skew device is used, the bearing axially receives the gravity of the partial pain block. If the oscillating motor has no plane bearing, the bearing will be bad. Influence and then shorten its service life.
How to prepare:
1. Select the vertical oscillation motor (ie increase the plane bearing inside)
2. Try to avoid straight or skewed devices.
Third, the adjustment of the partial pain block is not proper to form the motor burning; when adjusting the partial pain block, it must pay attention to its symmetry, that is to say, the two partial pain blocks should correspond to each other, if the direction of the two heads is wrongly reversed This causes the oscillating motor to be distorted in a space, allowing it to operate in an abnormal state, which will cause the motor to burn. Therefore, the center of gravity of the two teeth of the motor is parallel to the axis of rotation and cannot be in one state.
Fourth, the protective cover is not tightly sealed to form a motor burning; most of the oscillating motors operate in a dusty environment. In this case, if the protective cover is not tightly sealed, it is very easy to enter the dust and form a frictional operation of the partial pain block, thereby burning up. Motor. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the seal of the protective cover and regularly arrange the dust inside the protective cover.

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