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Single disc mill common fault

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-07-17

We all know that the cutter-type mill is a machine used for machining and is a device that is now dependent. The cutter-type mill is widely used, which can really bring some convenience and convenience to the enterprise. But how to buy a truly practical cutter-type mill in the face of the various brand equipment in the market?
With the continuous advancement of technology, many high-tech intelligent functions have been put into the existing machinery and equipment. Leyu Yiyi Machinery Factory is the leader in the domestic machinery market, and its brand equipment has high-end technology. More convenience for processing. Since the knife-type mill has been put into use, the production rate of the company has increased a lot, solving the problems of using artificial labor on the construction site and making the cutter-type mill really use.
The use of the cutter-type mill has indeed brought convenience to the processing of steel bars, and it has won the trust of our customers. The knife-type mill has excellent technology and powerful functions. It is a truly practical brand machinery and is worth buying.
The cutter-type mill has simple operation, convenient control, low failure rate, simple maintenance, and durability. Choose Le Yuyi to lay the foundation for your efficient profitability!
The platform does not walk and does not return. In this case, we need to check whether the cutter-type mill motor is running normally, whether the connection between the reducer and the motor is loose, whether the gear and the rack are seizure, and whether the tightening of the platform has been released, if it is displayed. Red is loose;

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