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The use and characteristics of the grinding machine during grinding

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2019-07-23

The use of the mill in coal grinding and its characteristics!
With the needs of major occupations, many coals are excavated by humans every day, and the use of grinding and processing is the most important thing in the use of coal. Therefore, the mill is used in the grinding of coal, and the coal is in the mill. It is ground into pulverized coal, mainly by crushing, crushing and grinding. The energy consumed during the crushing process. The grinding process is more energy efficient. Various types of coal mills have both or the above two methods in the milling process, but the main one depends on the type of coal mill. There are many types of coal mills, which can be divided into three types according to the rotational speed of the coal working parts, namely low speed coal mill, medium speed coal mill and high speed coal mill.
Technical advantages of the overpressure trapezoidal mill: 1. Planar grinding roller and grinding ring planning. Compared with Raymond mill, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are planned in multiple steps, which reduces the sliding speed of the material between the trapezoidal grinding roller and the grinding ring, prolongs the rolling moment of the material and improves the fineness of the finished product. Degree and output. 2. Efficient balanced pressure spring. The trapezoidal grinding machine takes the advantages of Raymond grinding and suspension roller grinding, and the grinding roller assembly is combined by the pulling rod and the horizontally placed spring, and the radial force generated thereof avoids the loss of the spindle and the bearing after the bulk material enters the grinding cavity. Increases the life of the device. 3, the host and the classifier use a soft joint, the shock absorber spring and the sealing band to reduce the sensation and noise, but also avoid resonance. 4. High-density, high-precision impeller device.
This mill has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving: the material is processed more efficiently and more efficiently in the unit grinding time. In the case of the R-type pendulum mill, the total power is unchanged, the output is increased by more than 40%, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. It is a real and energy-efficient mill product for coal grinding.

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