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Precautions during the use of PE mill

Edit:Zhangjiagang Leyu Yiyi Machinery FactoryUpDate:2018-07-03

PE mills will definitely encounter a variety of problems during use, so what are the things that need our attention?

First of all, the material selection is appropriate (2-8mm), the material is evenly distributed, and it must not be overloaded. The point flow meter indicates no more than 55A. Keep in mind that hard materials such as metal and stones are mistaken into the mill to avoid damage to the damage chamber.

Secondly, the left and right bearings compensate for the high temperature and high speed smooth liquid in a timely manner depending on the working condition of the machine, keeping the bearing smooth.

Then, clean the damage chamber regularly to extend the service life.

In addition, the direction of rotation of the PE mill motor must be correct, and the machine can be fed after no-loading.

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